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A Couple Of Thanksgiving Thoughts.....

Posted on: November 27, 2008 12:41 pm
On Thanksgiving morning these were some of the things bouncing around in my head....

I think where there is smoke there is fire...or fired in the case of Charlie Weis. Reports have it that his buyout is not going to be an issue which seems remarkable in this economic climate. Understood that Notre Dame is a complete mess as a team it is hard to fathom that they could get alums to help digest the huge amount of money he is due. By the way is the person who put that contract together still employed?

Supposedly Kevin Towers thinks the Padres can work things out with Trevor Hoffman. Even in light of the meltdown a few weeks back KT told the San Diego Union Tribune that he expects to have dialogue with Trevor in the near future. This is in stark contrast to the verbal jousting the went back and forth between Sandy Alderson and Trevor. It's a travesty that they have let things get to this point with the second most popular player in franchise history. It also begs the question if John Moores can't afford a team due to his personal situation maybe he should sell it.

Vote of confidence or kiss of death. Norv Turner has to get the Chargers turned around to save his job. AJ Smith gave Marty Shottenheimer the same assurance after a 14-2 season and still blew him out. I don't think it is all Norv's fault, but it will end up on his doorstep if they don't win the division. On the bright side the defense has looked better since they made the change to Ron Rivera, and there is every chance that 8-8 can win the division. Pathetic.

Interesting stat... LT and Michael Turner have the exact same number of total yard this year with 1099. Maybe the rumors of LT's demise are a little premature.

Brandon Marshall AKA Baby T.O. drops a lot of passes like his mentor. He is a tremendous talent but whiffs on too many easy catches.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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